Analysis Of From Outside In By Barbara Melix

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Harman Preet Kaur T00540740 ENGL 1100 Yaying Zhang Recognition in society: Is it worth all the effort In today’s modern world, communication plays a crucial role in determining person’s success or failure. In her article “From Outside In” Barbara Mellix illustrates the struggles she and her family faced in being accepted by the outside world by giving up their black…show more content…
It is practically impossible to imagine ourselves and things around with no English in it. In the present world to be a successful person one has to have very good command over English language. Nowadays communication skills to speak in English is given more importance than the intellectual ability and knowledge of the person. Even the parents put their kids in schools where the lectures are delivered in English. In the article “From outside In” Mellix use “Black English” to talk to the people of her own community whereas she used “Standard English” in public. Children are generally given instructions on the behavior expected from them on how to speak in the company of different people. I want to conclude by saying that to keep the native language alive it is essential to speak in one’s own language at least in their families and friends at home or anywhere outside. If a new person joins in then one can easily shift to the language that could be understood by everyone. Different people from different parts of the world bring diverse culture with them. Than why feel awkward with their own language, one should feel proud of their

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