Role Of Career Management In An Organization

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Managing Careers and Roles of Organization in Career Planning and Development Mr.Harishchandra D Yedage Ph.D Scholar Oriental Institute of Management Vashi, Navi Mumba University of Mumbai Email: Mob: 09763256819 Abstract In today’s competitive environment, the organizations cannot manage to spare to service shortfalls under utilization techniques. The current trend is to put emphasis on growing demand for effective employee recruitment, retention initiatives and engagement. Today’s the definition of career has changed a lot, the numbers of women also pursuing professional and managerial careers. They face challenges associated with dual career pressures. Employees know they must take care of themselves…show more content…
They want to satisfy with organization and build skills through experience so he can make further their careers. The employees evolving interest and competencies with opportunities in the organization is basically find out. Employee should be satisfied in the organization. Career is the occupational positions a person has had over many years. Career management in the organization focuses on achieving the growth of organization with the help of continued availability of employees with relevant skills and competencies. Career management deeper focus on employees aim and challenges being faced by an employee in accomplishing his goals. This focus is helpful for motivation of employee to excel and exceed the target.According to motivational theory achievement orientation growth and development are basic human needs.The career development motivates employees to perform better. The competitive organization cannot manage to spare any employee with average in performance and orgnization need to plan and develop their employee’s careers through an effective career management system and they also leads to increased employee performance, engagement and…show more content…
Organize and provide career support. d. Equip managers and others to give career support more effectively. Innovative Programs in Career Development: In the corporate, the career development initiatives include different programs like: 1. Offer on site as well as online centers: The employer organize an online career center using tools. The main aim is to help employees crystallize their career goals and achievement of these goals in the organization. 2. Encourage role reversal: Employee development for better appreciation of their occupational strengths and weakness. 3. Provide each employee with an individual budget: The employee can use individual budget for learning career options and personal development. 4. Help organize career success teams: In this program the small groups of employees meet periodically to network and support one another in achieving his career goals. 5. Provide career coaches: This program is part of broader organizational change program to centralize information technology and create small information technology teams. Career coaches should help employees create clear up to five year plans indicating their careers the growth of

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