Importance Of Workforce Planning

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Workforce planning is a core function of human resource management and it is related to the systematic identification and analysis of what an organization is going to need in terms of the size, type, experience, knowledge, and skills of its workforce to achieve its objectives. It is a process used to generate business intelligence to inform the organization of the current, transition and future impact of the external and internal environment on the organization. Workforce planning is of two types i.e. strategic and operational. With the help of workforce planning most efficient management and employee team is implemented and maintained, profits cab be maximized and ensures company achieves long term success (Sloan, 2010). Reasons for workforce…show more content…
HRM activities help a lot in service and any other organization to get success and to gain competitive advantage. To gain competitive advantage organization needs to perform better than its competitors and especially service organization must serve better services to make customers happy. Service enterprise need to deliver excellent services every time in order to keep customer satisfied as unhappy customer will not come back. There is tough competition in market. For continue growth and expansion, service oriented enterprise focus to deliver high level of customer satisfaction. To do all these HRM activities help service organization. HRM activities recruit people with necessary competence and skills in business and provide development and training for employees to help them in progressing along long term career path. Effective HRM activities contribute to business strategy of service organization and help it to gain competitive advantage. A good HR manager has business knowledge, personal credibility, business strategy understanding, knowledge of technology and ability in delivering HR services thus initiate excellent HRM activities and help service organization to grow. Good HRM activities based on evidence means it shows relation between all activities of service organization. HRM activities even help service organization dealing with technology challenge, globalization and sustainability (McPherson,
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