Immigration Issues In Elysium

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Analysis of ‘Elysium’ and its Implication toward the Immigration in America Elysium is an American science fiction movie, which first aired in 2013. The story revolves around a man named Max who lives in a slump-like residents which is located in Los Angeles in the 2154. It is narrated that hundred years after now the world would become overpopulated and uninhabitable. That’s why some people made the Elysium, a some kind of utopia which can only be accessed by those who are rich enough to live there. The story goes as Max tries to save his life by trying to go to Elysium and uses Med-Bays, a medical machine which is able to cure all diseases. This paper is going to explain about the immigration problem illustrated from the movie Elysium and…show more content…
The Hispanics in America were viewed more or less the same as the colored people. The thing is, compared to other minority group, Hispanic here are viewed as the lowest. There are many of the Hispanics who are illustrated as criminals, or ex-criminal, just like how they have always been stereotyped in American every-day life. The earth residents also tried so desperately to be able to go to Elysium no matter what it cost, even they’re willing to be an illegal immigrants regardless of its high risk. According to Stevenson, there were many cases of illegal immigrants from the Latino origin and this could be related to the Hispanic in the movie who also only able to migrate illegally. The movie gave the stereotype of the poor Hispanics, and a sharp sarcasm of how the Hispanics people would never…show more content…
There are almost no conflicts there. Almost, but not quite so. Because the conflict that happens in the Elysium is just a conflict between the head-ups, the conflict of exploiting powers. The movie wants to underline that even Elysium is not totally perfect. There are of course some irony that emerged when using Elysium as the representation of the futuristic America. It’s about the fact that even America itself, someday, somehow, at some point would not be an ideal place for people to live. That someday, there would be a place build to be better than the average inhabitants and become the ‘new’ utopia. Someday people would migrate to this new land instead of migrated to the old America. Everything in the movies are still the same as the condition right now. The Hispanics still poor, they wanted to go to a better place, and they ended up to be an illegal immigrant. The Americans, still rich with their capitalistic system and controlling the world’s power. The differences only lies in the more advanced technology and the ‘new’ America, the so-called promised land, which is located in the outer

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