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Today If I was to tell you that your surgery will be performed by a robot you might think twice before entering the operation theater. What if I was to tell you this 30 years ago. Even the thought might have given you a heart attack, but there were people who could imagine the future and had the conviction to follow their dreams. Today surgical robotics is one of the hottest segments in healthcare and has caught the imagination of the biggest names in healthcare. But not everyone believed in the potential of robotics surgery until the last few years when Intuitive Surgical was ruling the space with almost no competition for over a decade. You can imagine what they have achieved through the fact that with just one product in the market, they…show more content…
This got the attention of U.S. military who directed huge investments for the development of medical robotic technology for military application. All this development couldn't miss the keen eyes of Dr. Moll. And in 1994, Dr. Moll acquired the license to the NASA-SRI telepresence surgical system and pitched his idea to Guidant where he was serving as a Medical Director but they rejected his idea. A year later Moll rounded up investors and started out again. The rest, as they say, is history. Intuitive Surgical started in 1995 under the leadership of Dr. Moll and went public in the year 2000. But there was another company, Computer Motion, which had a head start with two robotics systems approved by FDA by 2001 and had also filed many lawsuits against Intuitive. They acquired their only competitor at that time in 2003 and discontinued the product development of Computer Motion (ZEUS and AESOP) to focus only on its own da vinci system. It was just the beginning and since then the company is ruling the robotics surgery till…show more content…
Though it will take some time to develop such system but it is no more a science fiction and is very much achievable. Another development taking is the attempt to build an autonomous robotic system. Google has teamed up with Johnson & Johnson to develop a semi-autonomous robotic system. The other possibility that is being explored is the single-incision port or using body’s natural openings. Auris, co-founded by Mr. Moll, has received FDA approval for a system, though not much is known about the system but the patents suggest it is focused on robotic tools inserted through the mouth to reduce the necessary incisions required. Auris, with the kind of backers, horde of patents, and the funding it has already received, might turn out to be the second innings for Dr.

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