Robotic Arm Analysis

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DESIGN OF 3 DOF ARTICULATED ROBOTIC ARM WITH VIRTUAL REALITY TOOLBOX Anshuman Pradhan Scholar, Dept. of Mechanical Engg. Centurion University of Technology& Management Bhubaneswar, India Neelam Kumar Verma Asst. Prof. Dept. of Mechanical Engg. Centurion University of Technology& Management Bhubaneswar, India Abstract— This paper presents an approach based on Virtual Reality Toolbox to design a Three DOF articulated Servo Robotic Arm. This approach was successfully tested during the simulation period. The Robot Body, Fore arm model has been shown with control sub system development, which may be implemented in real hardware for various industrial applications. Keywords— Servo Robot, Articulated, MATLAB, SIMULINK,…show more content…
The purpose of this award is to highlight and honor the achievements of the inventors with value creating ideas and entrepreneurs who propel those ideas into world-class products. At the same time the joint disposition of the award underlines the determination of both organizations to promote stronger collaboration between robotics science and robotics industry. II. PROPOSED METHOD The purpose of our work is to learn about the different components of robot and gain hands-on experience on a Servo Robot system. We will also show the control subsystem for the Robot along with the Joint actuators ,joint sensors, body and forearm operating principle of a robot. The robot has three axes of rotation as shown in Figure 2. Additionally, there is a motion, Grab and Release, which is performed by the end effectors. All possible movements can be controlled using the interface program called control subsystem designed using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The robot can thus be programmed using a set of instruction to complete a certain task within its range of movement. The robot has four basic components: 1. Manipulator 2. End Effectors…show more content…
Fig.1 Matlab Virtual Reality Toolbox OUTLINE OF THE ALGORITHM • 0: Choose MATLAB/SIMULINK as environment and take Virtual Reality Toolbox for design • 1. Design the Control logic for the Robot with Simulink Predefined blocks • 2. Define the Body,fore arm and finger parameters like mass,inertia tensor,coordinates of origin,centre of gravity. • 3. Use the vitrual reakity subsystem to design the Robot Architecture III. SIMULATION RESULT Fig. 2 Three axis articulated servo robot arm VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT FOR ROBOT SIMULATION ROBOT INTERNAL ARCHITECTURE BODY PARAMETER CONTROL SUBSYSTEM CONCLUSION This paper has attempted to design a three degrees of freedom Articulated Robotic Servo arm with the help of MATLAB/SIMULINK Virtual Reality Toolbox. Various Body and Forearm along with finger parameters and sensors has been taken toi design the arm with Matlab based control circuit to operate the system. The Work has a wide spread applications in industrial automations and may be further used for vision system integration for more advanced

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