Role Play In GCSE Drama

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Our first Unit in GCSE Drama was the topic of conflict. We explored two stimuli`; “Behind the wall” and ‘The Occupation”. We also explored strategies which we used to create our responses to the stimuli. Role Play Role play is a strategy which we used often, it is used in correlation with other strategies. Our first use of role pay was in the first lesson, when we look upon the role of brutes. On either side of a conscious ally. Later on in this unit we used “Behind the wall” to create a play, In this I play the character of at the abuser, to show that my character was less civilised I assigned characteristics that i associated with this person. I failed to pronounce words properly and used slang instead of proper words to show that my character was of a lower class. Hot seating We used Hot seating to create our character in response to “Behind the wall” By Tracy Chapman. In this case hot…show more content…
We first created a play in which we deployed role playing, (this play is described in detail in Role Playing). The second play we created used physical theatre and cross cutting. In pairs we searched facts about domestic abuse, we used these facts to create scenes in which we used still images to from the moment. We chose the following facts: 1 in every 4 women will be a victim of domestic abuse, 40% of domestic abuse cases are in the victims’ home and 1 in 7 men are victims. We chose these facts because we felt the first one put the situation into perspective, while the second one went against what most of the group thought about domestic abuse, and the third showed that not only women suffer from domestic abuse. I do believe that the use of still images and cross cutting helped us deliver the facts effectively: moreover by separating them from the play itself it helped us deliver the fact effectively to the audience. To improve it we could

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