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Robots of all kinds, sizes, and shapes have been around us for decades. George Devol was the person who built the first industrial robot in 1954. This robot was designed to perform simple and repetitive tasks in a controlled environment. Since then, we have seen an immense evolution in robotics technology. Today robots are more smarter, flexible and autonomous. In fact, they have become an indispensable part of manufacturing industries. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the current buzzword representing the current fast development in the global robotics environment. In reality, these are software robots, designed and developed to replace human workers as a virtual workforce. Explaining Robotic Process Automation in a Jiffy Robotic Process Automation is a process carried out by convoluted ‘Software Robots’, built precisely to execute activities or tasks normally carried out by humans. In no sense, it resembles a humanoid, but it definitely represents a futuristic robot consisting of complex algorithms and codes. It would be fair to call such robots “Virtual Workforce”, best suited to perform rule-based or manual tasks. In simple terms, RPA is about mimicking human actions specifically attributed to performing a particular task at the user interface. Connecting multiple existing legacy systems in an…show more content…
We design robots that are either focused to accomplish the task and or we induce artificial intelligence in them, which enables them to store all the data related to business operations; empowering organizations to access such data, as and when required. Our intelligent RPA tools offer an additional benefit – Data Reusability. The option to reuse and share the data assets, documents, process objects, and audit-trails with other automated business applications and the legacy systems enables enterprises to create an independent knowledge base within the organization that eventually builds business

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