Critical Success Factors Case Study

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The idea of Critical success factors (CFS) was first presented by D.Ronald Daniel in 1960. The definition of (CFS) is the essential areas of activity that should be performed in professional way to meet the objectives and the certain aims on which the business based on to create success. According to mind tools (2014) According to our case study (Emirates Group) there is four main (CFS) as shown below: 1- Extending their brand reach they continued to invest strategically through 2013 – 2014 to make towards their goal to become global life style brand. 2- Focus on result and long-terms goals is guiding principles for emirates to meet there growth targets . 3- Taking their people (employee) further by keeping the dynamic staffing need across the company remained significant task for their human resource team. 4- Taking the emirates experience further by work hard to continually raise the bar across their business. Then this some information’s (key indicators) guide us to monitor if emirates being good by reference to the critical success factors: 1- This year Emirates group expanded their brand reach by signing as official partner of the Roland garros tennis tournament in Paris at 5 years . 2- Emirates group despite launching ten new passengers routes to increase their seat capacity. 3-…show more content…
In the motivation it can motivate managers to better performance not only that but also provide a basis for a system of control. According to. McLane and Atrill(2012) for example in emirates group yearly they The company allocates a certain amount of budget for managers and employees to help them develop their abilities and give them the necessary training courses, but the time and the amount specified in the budget and cannot increase the amount allocated for this purpose, under any

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