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A Study on Feminism and patriotism in Nayantara Sahgal's Rich Like Us Abstract In this research paper I might endeavor to build up that both Nayantara Sahgal's women's rights and patriotism are set apart by weakening ovals, which make her complicit with those exceptionally talks—of male controlled society and government—that she obviously looks to uncover and study in Rich Like Us. Born into modern India's chief political family, the Nehrus, and raised in a household in which female children did not feel the pressures of being female, Sahgal subordinates the lady question to the national question in the narrative. Amusingly, however as anyone might expect, her patriot fealty is, thus, confounded by her Western-style childhood and education and her area inside a global as opposed to a local literary arena, bringing about numerous topical antinomies in her novel. This paper is an attempt to critically analyze the themes of “Rich Like Us” from political and feministic point of view. Key Words: Rich Like Us, feminism, nationalism, Introduction I am a novelist and a political journalist. My novels have a political background or political ambiance. I didn't plan it that way—I was…show more content…
As the critic Makarand Paranjpe remarks, "To me Nayantara Sahgal's books are significant accounts of a bigger account, in reality as most Indian English fiction seems to be."( Paranjpe, Makarand, 159) The narrative of the development of India has certain key topics, which can be characterized as imperialism, patriotism, segment, autonomy, regionalism communalism, urbanization, women's liberation, free enterprise, socialism and so on which frame the pith and foundation of our lives and additionally fiction. In Sahgal's writings these issues are reasonably mixed in her

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