Equality In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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A system of monstrous tyranny holds individuality captive making true happiness rare. When one is muted by society’s harsh regulations, they suffer internally and externally. In the novella Anthem, Ayn Rand creates a character named Equality who feels tremendous sorrow for the away his life is, but will eventually locate his own voice. He will uses his experiences to guide his acts of defiance and overcome opposing obstacles. Others negativity, lack of knowledge, and despair pushed Equality to become determined. He is extremely motivated to establish a world where information isn’t limited and people are able to live as they please. Equality has finally uncovered his purpose and is not only willing to defend, but also promote it. Equality’s mindset generated as a reaction from the nurture he received made it capable for him to discover his identity. A monumental point in one's life is when they remove the toxic and unveil their true self. Appreciating individuality and self worth is a victorious reckoning in a person's life. Equality was once indifferent compared to others and would suppress his hopes and desires to fit in. A pivotal change occurred in him when he excepted who he is and embraced it. Nonetheless, he has established his own set of…show more content…
He succeeds in following his purpose and not letting others get in his way. His ultimate goal to achieve even more and unmask the hidden secrets that society hides. He won’t give up until he wants to and wishes create a new world. He wants to make the world a better where individuality and freedom is allowed. He now has a goal in which he will fight until he gets. In the soul of an individual, Rand speaks of goals being someone’s life (Soul 2). Goals are what keep a person up float and thriving. Goals become a person’s life like he has to Equality and cause actions to achieve them. Equality’s goal is extremely important to him and he is willing to do anything to make them
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