African Americans In John Lee Hancock's Film The Blind Side

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John Lee Hancocks film “The Blind Side,” filmed in 2009 tells a story of a black man in the 1980’s time period who struggles to become apart of the white society. The main character in the film, Michael Oher , demonstrates to the audience how an African American man deals with discrimination, and is mistreated by the white community in which he lives in. Thus being a common trend for white communities of the time period. However, the film wants to dissipate the traditional views toward white Americans through the Tuohy family. In this film, Hancock shows how white families such as the Tuohy family accept Michael for who he is, and who he aspires to be. The Tuohy family becomes Michael’s will power, and determination to succeed as he faces…show more content…
Michael has moved from foster family to foster family for many years, but he always ended up leaving due to feeling that he does not belong, nor fit in with the family’s social status, and lifestyle. However Michael is not a normal individual , he has a unique character that later on in the film leads him to be a popular guy throughout school. When he first moves in with the Tuohys ,Michael distances himself from them , primarily because he is an African America and they are white. Throughout the film and discussion of Michael’s life there are minimal flashbacks or talk of his past, only that of which is deemed necessary such as the abandonment of his mother and other details that help build his character. The film tries to emphasize the situation that occurs when an African American becomes apart of a white American family, and draws the question to whether or not he will fit into his new…show more content…
This is around the time Michael begins to gain popularity throughout the school. Even coaches, and owners from different universities want Michael to join them despite his academic record, and race. People begin to recognize, and watch Michael now that he is popular, and has became apart of their lifestyles. This is a popular culture scenario in western America to portray such events in movies and on TV. Once Michael becomes popular, people start to take notice and dissect his actions. He needs to prove himself to be worthy of earning a spot on the Ole Miss team. Suddenly everyone begins to gain interest on his academic standings because he must retain a 2.5 GPA to receive the NCAA D1 scholarship. Some people begin to scrutinize Michael on his decision to join Ole Miss based on whether or not it was his decision or the Tuoys since they are members of the booster

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