Gilgamesh Reflection

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In examining The Epic of Gilgamesh, we are left to continually read between the lines in understanding the tale. Because of the many translations and missing texts, we are still seeking the entire adventure. While many might wonder what Gilgamesh did beyond the writings or why Siduri runs a tavern at the end of the Earth, it might be interesting to see if the story is a more current tale. Everyone can relate to a common path-growing up and the challenge it can be along the way. If we could break our lives into stages, then drawing an analogy to the epic has various aspects to observe. Our three life lessons would be a child to youth, a teen to young adult and late-life through maturity. Along the way, we will merge the trials and characters…show more content…
Gilgamesh’s aura was broke as he watched Enkidu wither into his eternal slumber. No longer would the times be full of adventures or your rock be by your side. When facing death close to us it is impossible to not be selfish and ponder, “What is going to happen to me?” and how soon? We tend to think that we have a full life in front of us but no longer are we teenagers. As we write down our bucket list of things we still have yet to do, the journey becomes clear. When Gilgamesh took the journey to the Underworld, he was not only alone but could no longer muster the stamina that once runs through his veins. The days seemed to grow shorter and staying awake had become a burden, no longer could our hero fight the test of time. Like a snake withers along the ground and creeps into the shadows, our hero had his immortality stolen right before his eyes. Rather than sit in sorrow until the end of his days, Gilgamesh returned home to Uruk but a changed man. No longer did he observe life as a never-ending journey, instead he embraced that you must take every single day as precious. He understood that death would be coming for him someday and chose to enjoy the sunshine laid before him. That is maturity and for people, there is not an age designated to it, rather an awakening to the meaning of life. When we embrace that tomorrow is never promised the world around us resonates beauty in the smallest of

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