Cause And Effect Essay About Smoking

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We all are aware that cigarette is harmful to each and every organ inside our body. Smoking is the reason of infinite diseases and depletes a smoker’s health to a great extent. It slowly eats away the years of your life. Smoking is the cause of death of almost 480,000 people every year in the USA alone. It is the cause of more deaths than HIV, alcohol and drugs. Smoking is the cause of lung cancer as well. Lung cancer kills women more than breast cancer nowadays. it is alarming to find out that smoking is the reason for increasing death rate in the United States and all over the world.(health effects) The negative effects of smoking just don't concern with health issues, it has effects on mental health. The youth that is addicted to smoking…show more content…
(Health effects). It causes heart diseases with can lead to death. Even people who smoke even 5 times a day start to develop the symptoms of weak heart. Smoking makes the blood vessel thick and narrow, hindering in the flow of blood. Clots are formed which can cause a heart attack. The clot can also cause stroke when the blood flow is stopped in the part that is leading to the brain. It also reduces the blood flow to the legs as well Respiratory disease Smoking is responsible for damaging the airway in the body. It makes air sacs found in the lungs smaller. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are also caused by excessive smoking. Lung cancer is also one of the increasing diseases among the smokers. It can be really destructive for the people suffering from asthma. Smoking makes the condition even worse. Cancer Smoking is affecting almost every part of the body can develop cancerous cell, in bladder, esophagus, kidney, liver, stomach and pancreas. It also increases the risk of death in cancers patients. Every one out of three people who is a cancer smoker dies. Skin and hair Signs of smoking can be easily seen on the skin. The harmful compound in tobacco can affect skin coloration and cause early aging making the skin wrinkly. The nails and skin start to turn yellow if you are chain smokers. (Ann
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