Scholarship Consideration: I Have A Dream

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Scholarship Consideration “I have a dream today”, a quote by Martin Luther King Jr from one of his inspirational speeches. I am writing to you today because I, like many others, have a dream. I have a dream to learn, grow and experience the world around me. I am from a small rural town called Multan in Pakistan. I have a dream to see the world beyond these clay walls and broken streets. I have a dream to become a man of honor and resilience. I hope I can convince you too of my dream. I have grown up in an environment where poverty is so dominant in society that there is no to avoid it. I want to push that stigma out of society and change myself. I knew I wanted to study abroad in America since I was a child. Where I am from America is known as the country for the free and dreamers. I chose to do O-levels because I knew that it would be equivalent to a high school degree in the States. As I explored colleges in America I focused on Minnesota because of have family ties I have there. I found University of St. Thomas and I knew it was the school that had everything I wanted. I looked through the programs and majors and knew it was the best fit for my Business career aspirations. I chose UST not only because of the education, but the location is beautiful and I would be able to…show more content…
Last summer I had the opportunity to attend a 2 week robotic programming at NASA Kennedy Space Centre and it changed my life. There I learned an incredible amount of knowledge about engineering, business and college in the USA. I was appointed a group leader and I lead my group into various tasks and challenges over the weeks. We built robots and worked through computer programming. This visit made me improve my communication and social skills and it helped me become familiar with American culture. Going to NASA was like a dream to be, it was like one step closer for me to achieve my ultimate

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