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When most people hear the name Mary Kay, cosmetic products are all that come to mind. Although, there is a much deeper story. Mary Kay is not simply another brand of beauty supplies on the market, and the founder is nothing but ordinary. Mary Katherine was a hardworking and compassionate businessperson and philanthropist. Throughout her completely altered the business world for women, inspired thousands of people. She not just became a Texan hero, but a national hero and overall role model by creating this company and through her other works. It all began on May 12, 1918, in Hot Wells, Harris County, Texas. On this day, Edward Alexander Wagner and Lula Vember Hastings Wagner welcomed their fourth child, a beautiful daughter to the world. Her name was Mary Kathlyn Wagner.…show more content…
Her father Alexander became very ill with tuberculosis when Mary Kay was young. This forced her mother to solely have to provide for the family. Lula had to work 14 hours a day at a local restaurant to earn enough money. Meanwhile, Mary Kay had the responsibility of caring for her bedridden, ailing father and running the house. In addition, she still had to complete work from the school she attended, Houston’s Reagan High. Despite not being able to devote much time to school work, Mary Kay was still an amazing student. She was especially gifted at speaking, and she even won prizes as an orator. Throughout her years as a youth, Mary Kay learned a good work ethic and pressed forward with steadfastness. During difficult times and when Mary Kay was faced with daunting new tasks, her mother always encouraged her by saying, “You can do it, Mary Kay. You can do

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