Forensic Science Personal Statement

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I arrived at the crime scene, simulated by the CSI camp at San Jose University. A body was laying there in its own puddle of blood with bullet shells a couple of inches away from the victim and other various objects broken or tampered with throughout the house. It was clear that it was a breaking and entering and unfortunately the suspect killed the suspect. The suspect is unknown, so it’s my job to figure it out. With the evidence given to me, I worked in a junior laboratory at the CSI camp. This opportunity has inspired me to work for the forensic investigation team. With the group I worked with, I displayed my capability to coop with environment we were working in and showed that I can carry out wide variety of tasks that require hand to eye coordination, paying attention to detail and have good…show more content…
Puzzles are always intriguing to me. Every time I unravel its mysteries and revealing its secrets, it gives me great satisfaction. When I extracted the victim’s blood and putting the blood sample in a tube rotator then reading its DNA pattern, it soon became clear that the forensic shows have overly exaggerate the reality world. For example, getting results from the blood sample could take days, or even weeks. But in the fictional shows, they get results in the same day they got it. I have an aptitude for science, my brain being able to work in reasonable and scientific manner. When I went to the CSI camp, I was attracted by the biological aspects of forensic science. Such as analyzing blood pattern, understanding DNA, the chemistry of the subject. For example, drug analysis and evaluating fragments of paint, glass, or fibers. As science continues to advance, forensic evidence is important to criminal investigations. Being involved in cases where I can contribute to the process of justice with my work done in the laboratory is extremely fulfilling to
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