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Restorative Justice Restorative justice is a sentencing philosophy that has the offender assuming responsibility to repair harm done to the victim or the community (Alarid, 2013). There are policies for reintegration, and restorative justice for low offender women criminals that may prove effective if changes are implemented. “Women are the fastest-growing population in the criminal justice system, and jails reach more people than any other component of the correctional system” (Richie, ). The women who are convicted and later sentenced to prison, “make up 7% of the prison population”(Bartollas, ). The issue is that the female prison population continues to grow and inmates who have served their sentences are release back to their communities every day. Because of that, reintegration, and restorative justice have become essential partners in helping women offenders’ transition back into the community and to heal after a crime they have committed. From a criminal justice perspective, the process of once again entering society and attempting to live a normal life is reintegration. Of course, this process is not as simple as many individuals would believe. Reintegration after a prison sentence can be very difficult for any inmate especially female…show more content…
Many families move forward with restorative programs. Many inmates who attend college courses while incarcerated have a higher possibility of finding work once released then those who do not pursue any form of education while inside a correctional facility (Bartollas, ). Mothers who actually find jobs and have the capability of providing for their families feel better about themselves, and are less likely to relapse into criminal activity. Some women, however, need more than just a job and income to prevent them from returning to life behind bars. Many need family programs, therapy, and rehabilitation to move on towards a healthy lifestyle of not committing

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