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criminal behavior. All participants should meet in a safe and organized setting where they reach an agreement on an appropriate method of repairing the harm. One of the primary goals of our criminal justice system is to rehabilitate the offender. Restorative Justice sets up a space where societal factors that influence people’s behavior can be examined. From the view of Restorative Justice, rehabilitation cannot be reached until the offender acknowledges the harm that has been caused to victims and communities. Then the offender has to make amends. (Bazemore and Umbreit, 1997, p.172). By bringing together victims, offenders, families, and other key stakeholders in a variety of settings, restorative justice helps offenders understand the consequences of their actions and provides an opportunity for them to become reconnected to the community (National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence 2009).…show more content…
Some examples are mediation and conflict-resolution programs, , victim-impact panels, victim–offender mediation, circle sentencing, and community reparative boards. The purpose of the victim impact panel is to help offenders see the consequences of their crimes on victims and the community from a more individual and human side. (Immarigeon, 1999).Offenders who meet their victims through mediation are more likely to accept accountability for their behavior (Marshall and Merry,1990,p.3). Restorative Justice works to repair harm done to victims and the community. Victim- offender mediation offers satisfaction to many victims. Research has consistently found that the restitution agreement signed in mediation are not as important to crime victims

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