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The current United States justice system is broken and has been like that for several years already. We need new ways to deal with the problem of recidivism of former offenders and the overpopulation of our prisons. Our current approach of deterrence and retribution toward the issue of criminality has obviously not worked; therefore, it is time to open up to a new system that can finally make a real impact on criminals, victims, and our justice system. Although restorative justice has been gaining a great amount of popularity, there are still several individuals who believe that this idea gives a soft treatment to criminals and the results of such idea are difficult to quantify. Whether that is true or not, we need to give restorative justice the opportunity to prove to humanity that a system focus on the well-being of the victims and the reinstitution of former offenders to society could be the solution to a problem that has been extenuating our criminal justice system for numerous years. In order to understand more about the restorative justice approach, first, we need to understand what restorative justice truly is. Restorative justice, according to Katherine van Wormer and Lorenn Walker, is a system concerned with the healing of victims of…show more content…
Restorative justice does not only focus on trying to help the victims heal from the damage caused by the wrongdoers, but also in the restoration and the reduction of recidivism of certain offenders. Although there are several people who are faithful to the old system of deterrence and retribution, it has been demonstrated that such measures have had little impact in our criminal justice system; therefore, it is time for people to be so close minded and give restorative justice the opportunity to show what positive impact this method could have in our

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