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For The Better, Never The Worse An outcome of any situation is influenced by the decisions made throughout the process. A decision is usually finalized to enhance the betterment of one self or another. Throughout the novel, Everyday, by David Levithan, the main character A is forced to make life-changing decisions. A is unlike any typical human; A is a genderless spirit that faces the world each day in a new, unfamiliar body. Multiple conflicts arise which result in loss, pain, sacrifice, and love. A’s decisions within the novel are positively influenced to improve others lives before his own. Through this, David Levithan exemplifies A’s major decisions in Everyday largely throughout the lives of Kelsea Cook, Rhianon and Katie. Naturally for A, he is able to view the world through new eyes every morning. A has the opportunity to explore different lifestyles and cultures and learns to maintain open mindedness. While A enjoys the memorable moments and the so-called “perfect” lives, he also experiences hardship and affliction. When A wakes up as Kelsea Cook, darkness suffocates her own body. Her depression feeds on her tired soul and the cry for help frightens A. A’s decision to prove Kelsea’s blatant sadness to her father is the factor that saves her struggling life. Even when A is fighting with Kelsea’s body, he sees her…show more content…
A disappears in a girl named Katie to eliminate the chances of seeing Rhianon and destroying the feeling of pain. A proclaims, “I’m never going to figure it out, anymore than a normal person will figure out his or her own existence. After a while, you have to be at peace with the fact that you simply are” (Levithan 2). A has to accept his destiny and come to realization of the life he is living. Katie is an opportunity for A to desert the craving sense of a stable lifestyle and continuous affection. A has to accept his inconsistent life as a possibility rather than a

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