Herzog's Response To The Arab Israel Conflict

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The Arab-Israeli conflict has existed since Ancient times. After World War Two, there was a mass amount of Jewish refugees whose homes and lives were destroyed. In response, they were sent to Palestinian Israel despite Palestinian opposition. Two documents are analyzed to compare and contrast the effectiveness and strength in the Palestine National Charter versus the speech to the UN by Chaim Herzog. Both sides discuss three main accusations and topics. First, both sides discuss their historical background and how it relates to the legitimacy in their right to Israel. Second, both explain their moral and political reason they want to solely have a Palestinian Israel or a Jewish Israel. Third, both documents address their opinion with Zionism’s legitimacy. In the end, the Palestine Charter was a stronger…show more content…
There are three common themes that build the foundation to Palestine and Chaim Herzog’s argument. The three topics compared and contrasted are, each individual’s historical background, and their individual moral reasons for thinking they rightfully own Israel, and finally, Zionism. The British Mandate made Palestinians, Palestine. Then after the UN granted the Jewish refugees from the Holocaust and neighboring countries the right to occupy Palestine. In effect, overcrowding became a social, economic and political struggle thus pushing Palestine to recognize their right to their homeland. They were able to recognize Palestine as their homeland because the British Mandate made them an Arab country. The Charter clarifies that Palestine as an Arab state doesn’t exclude or bar Jews from living in Palestine. It’s important to note, “The Palestinian Arab people believe in Arab unity...” (Charter 12) and “…will establish in the Holy Land an atmosphere of peace and tranquility…all religions will be safeguarded…without

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