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Rokeach Value Survey consists of two sets of values. Terminal values and instrumental values. Each set consists of 18 individual value items. Terminal values refer to valued outcomes. Instrumental values refer to valued means of achieving. Question # 1 Decisions making in personal life: We possess values not only for ourselves but also for others. Self-respect, health, family security, a sense of accomplishment, salvation is my first five selection of terminal values. Honest, helpful, forgiving, loving and loyal is the first five ranking of instrumental values. These ranking clearly shows that I care for myself and my family. I consider myself as a “giver.” I’m people-focused individual. I can understand and care about people. My main…show more content…
I consider myself as an honest and loving person. I believe that I have a talent for helping others with their personal challenges. I also think I have the ability to intuit others. One of my biggest weaknesses is, I always tend to place other people's needs above my own, and I sacrifice myself in my drive to help others. I consider family security as one of the most important terminal value. It may conflict with my professional expectations. Sometimes, I may choose family over the profession. I think that the values differences can make a big impact on decision making. I believe Salvation – saved; eternal life is one of the important terminal values. If a client approaches me, seeking help for decision making of her abortion, I will be having the big conflict with my values. Abortion is completely against my religious values. I strongly believe that the greatest miracle of life is perhaps life itself. We have no right to take a life. So I will have a difficulty dealing with clients who need to talk about religion related topic especially abortion. But I always respect others and their beliefs. I am a person who holds strong moral and religious values. Being raised as a Christian I’m completely against abortion, and I believe in practicing abstinence until marriage. But I would be very careful not to impose my personal and religious values on my client. Speaking against our personal views is little hard and uncomfortable. I think that I might feel stressful in such a situation. But I respect everyone’s beliefs and values. Even though it is hard, I will let my client lead me and will help her to make a wise and best decision for

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