Blackfoot Culture Analysis

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CUSTOMS AND VALUES Customs happen to be defined as a practice that’s passed down from generation to generation and, such like a habit or a repeated pattern you conduct. Values subsist as something significant and respected by you or your family. Basically, customs and values act similar to traditions. Each family has their own set of traditions that range from being gargantuan events, to just the little rituals equivalent to a hug or a meal. This applies to the Blackfeet/Blackfoot tribe. A standard Blackfoot family usually is composed of two men, three women, and three children. In their culture, it inhered acceptable for men to be married to numerous women as females were the major constituent of the population.…show more content…
Due to this ethic, it was rare for a man to marry before the age of twenty one. Along with the groom justifying himself, a series of gifts must be exchanged amongst relatives and friends. Several days before a child’s birth, the mom leaves the village to go visit the medicine woman. When the baby’s birth occurs, its umbilical cord is cut and stored in a lizard or snake container based on their gender. The Blackfoot believe that these two characters possess magical power. Later, the baby is also painted red and a few days after the baby's birth, the fathers ask a relative or friend to name the child. A boy's name can be changed in their future, yet a girl's name prevails to exist permanently. The boys of the tribe were taught to hunt, track game, to accept physical pain, to examine and understand the physical and spiritual worlds while the girls learned how to cook, fabricate clothes, to sew, do beadwork, to dress, game, and tan hides. When a boy kills his first animal or a girl finishes her first beadwork, the family holds a feast and celebrates the occasion. Even though these tasks were…show more content…
The Blackfoot apprehended their supplies and lived off of hunting. They had heavily relied on the buffalo for food, clothes, shelter, weaponry, and equipment. However, a time in our history took place, when the buffalo population had dramatically declined and grew scarce, making the tribe vulnerable. Horses were able quite benign. They assisted when hunting buffalo and were also used as a form of payment to the medicine man for treatment. The Blackfoot believed lakes/rivers were magical due to the underwater specimen called Suyitapus therefore, they tried not to eat fish or utilize canoes. One of the uttermost mattering much events to the Blackfoot was a four-day singing and dancing, religious ceremony/festival held in late summer called Sundance. Members danced, celebrated, and participated in an event where they pierce themselves during this festival. This festival was cancelled and prohibited for a while, however it continues to live on in the lives of the masses and remains treasured by the

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