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Imagine not being able to express your individuality. Having someone choose your life and everything you do. In the futuristic novel Brave New World, the motto of society is “[making] people like their unescapable social destiny” choosing who they become for it is all plan out for them by the government. The way a person is born is scientifically. The way the government brings life in the world is by manufacturing humans. Throughout the novel, Aldous Huxley integrates a unique style of writing using sensory details, imagery, symbols, and irony to develop a compelling tone. Aldous Huxley Brave New World commands sensory details to create several unique tones all through the novel in order to have the readers connect to what the characters…show more content…
The first goal is community which the society accomplishes this by their invention a religion that everyone follows. The religion encourages people not to have meaningful relationships to sleep with everyone, not experience marriage, or having kids the natural way between a male and female not the biology mass production process. All the religion goals are against the Christianity beliefs of having a meaningful relationship with one person, having the experience of marriage, and having kids the natural way between male and female. Readers in the novel Brave New World can see the irony when the director takes the students on tour in the garden to observe children play, nevertheless the society definition of play is “erotic play” (Huxley 32) conditioning children to have sex with one another hence their religion belief. In addition, to the tour the director and the students find a little boy “reluctant to join in the ordinary erotic play” (Huxley 32) and then the director informs the nurse to take the little boy to see the “Assistant Superintendent of Psychology. Just to see if anything’s at all abnormal” (Huxley 32). Next the second goal is identity having society divided by a caste system of five classes Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons. The higher caste is Alphas and Betas the lower caste are Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons. Then the third goal in the World State’s motto is stability. The Bokanovsky process creates the stability by having large groups of genetically same individuals minimizes any conflict for everyone has their group that they belong

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