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This quote is repeated twice by the new protagonist, John. John is first introduced when Bernard and Lenina traveled to the ‘Savage Reservations’. John got acquainted with the ‘new world’ duo while a sacrificial ceremony was ongoing. When the quote was first cited, John showed his anticipation to the discovery of the World State that Bernard Marx planned on taking him to. Prior to his discussion with John, Bernard was given consent in bringing the ‘savages’ back to the World State’. Bernard found it peculiar that John, unlike the other ‘savages’ was able to communicate with Bernard and Lenina through the sophisticated use of English. The second time the quote was mention, is when John is shown the civilized inventions and society of the new…show more content…
John was first introduced dissatisfied as he was excluded from being part of the sacrificial ceremony. The ceremony involved a male sacrifice being continuously whipped until he would faint. John made his intentions clear as he claimed that he hoped to please Pookong, the rain god and Jesus by being the sacrifice. Once again, John’s personality and situation is observed when he had a point where he contemplated suicide. John confessed to Bernard that he was oppressed, beat, and stoned by the men of the reservations for being the child of the promiscuous Linda. John’s oppression is taken in place of Linda and illustrates sacrifice. Dripping with blood, it is mentioned that John has discovered time, death, and god. Finally John’s character is more exposed as he once spent a whole day with his arms stretched out as a portrayal of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. John also comments that he behaved this way as he was unhappy. From these three quotes, it is evident that John has high morals and principles. Unlike the citizens of the World State, John did not easily conform to their society. John, through the influence of Shakespearean values, practiced abstinence and rejected soma. When John is exposed to the society of the World State, he is filled with disgust and objects it. This can foreshadow a revolution against the world state as John cannot reconcile the society’s values with…show more content…
The Director planned to exile Bernard for his heretical views and unusual behaviours. Henry then questioned the Director’s decision as Bernard was a hardworking. The Director responded by that a man’s talent will lead the society into morally incorrect values. The Director also added that unorthodoxy threatens the society. From what the Director stated, situational irony and paradox is present. Shown from the biological and exhaustive condition, it can be observed that it is not Bernard, the the World State with their power, that is leading the society with immoral values. The unorthodoxy values and ethics of the World State strikes at the society without the society perceiving the threat. Brave New World also presents itself with considerable amounts of paradoxes. The World State presents the illusion of freedom through soma and conditioning. In fact, it represents the restrictions of freedom as the citizens are trapped within a synthetic, superficial world. This correlates to idea of utopia. In the perspectives of the World State, their society is a perfect example of an utopian society. However, from the reader’s point of view, the World State can easily be justified as a dystopian society. In the World State, the representation of Westminster Abbey was transposed. Westminster Abbey originally is a church for spiritual and revered place of worship. In Brave New

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