Craft Drinkers Research Paper

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External Influences Culture Environmental-oriented values are seen at high levels in craft beer drinkers. They tend to embrace healthier active lifestyles and they are known as variety seekers. Their drive to seek variety leads them to the desire to try new things including different types of beers. The majority of craft beer drinkers do not stick to one type of craft beer but instead they enjoy trying different craft beers each time that they drink. They enjoy nature and the outdoors as well as being environmentally friendly. At least six breweries in the United States pride themselves on the fact that they use 100% renewable energy for their electricity needs. Craft beer drinkers also find living an organic lifestyle as important and they are 153% more likely to always buy organic products. They are also more likely to ride their bikes or walk places, such as work or to the breweries, compared to non-craft beer drinkers that tend to drive everywhere.…show more content…
The people that drink craft beers love and embrace that they can enjoy drinking craft beers in a social community aspect and that they attract others to their community in the process. The feeling of being part of something and such a large community is what brings people back to these breweries time and time again. These craft beer drinkers are extremely aware and proud of the contributions that they make to their community and to society as a whole. This craft beer drinking community also has their own shared language. This language among craft beer drinkers stems from the regularity of drinking with others and sharing everything they know about craft beer. They are able to communicate with each other and describe the beers in specific ways using terms, such as hops and bitter, which only regular craft beer drinkers would fully

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