Truth Vs. Happiness In Brave New World

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In his book, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley starts an argument whether truth is more important than happiness. Mustapha Mond states that he believes happiness is more important than truth. All the world controllers only allow the truths they want their people to know, even true emotions. The World State knows that even if having truth connected to happiness exists, so does having truth and sadness. But there are many events that happen in the book that deals with truth vs. happiness. Citizens of the Brave New World are made to be happy and live a happy life, and that job lies in the hands of the world controllers. But their happiness is more of an ignorant type of happiness than a real reason to be happy. Since everyone is so dependent on the world state, the idea of consumption succeeded. This society basically revolves around consumption, so anything related to…show more content…
He is also the only character that notices how consumption and “utopia” don’t work together. John suddenly realizes that having both of these two keeping this society in London going completely destroys the individual. Their culture of consuming is what keeps the state successful and happy. It’s easy to understand that Mustapha Mond thinks that happiness refers to people’s impulse for food, soma, nice clothes, and other consumer things. The only thing that most people wouldn’t understand is what Mustapha Mond means by truth. From Mustapha’s and John’s conversation at the end of the book, the controller reveals two things the World State is trying to hide from its citizens. One of them is that they control and hide anything that has to do with scientific truth. The government also destroyed the human truths, like love, what family is, and having personal relationships with others. Both of these truths are what the World State thinks that taking them away can help keep this society strong and at an all time

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