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Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is placed six hundred years into the future. The world has created a society devoted to affection and beauty. The effect that it has on this world is tremendous. The World State is full of science, religion, and political power. These three topics are what basically keeps this world together. Science is being feared. Religion is being changed by a drug. Political power should be held by a small group of people and is. I’m going to discuss the relationship between the science, religion, and political power in the World State. In Brave New World, science is dreaded. They think that because it is science, it relies on ideas that are unique and original. Maybe the controllers are scared that if they let the youth…show more content…
In the World State, the political power is a just small group of people. There are no polls or legislatures chosen by the people. The people have no rights in picking and choosing who does what. It is like back when the United States were just the thirteen colonies and only a small group of people got to choose who was going to lead what. The Revolutionary War was an American debate over the type of government that would best serve in the United States. The political power was also ran by a small group of people. Maybe Huxley wanted to tie in a historical event without ever saying anything about it. When I was reading about the political power the first thing that came to my mind was how he referenced that. He might have not meant to do it. The position of the World Controller is occupied by the higher classes in the state. The classes were determined at the time of birth. Who were the parents, and what classes were they in. That also reminds me of the Egyptian’s class system. The highest class rules right beneath the king or in the story, the World Controller. The middle class helps out the king along with the higher classmen. Almost like the average person today. They are not rich and are not poor. They are average. Lastly, the lowest classes are the slaves and the poor. They are even lucky to have a shelter to sleep under or food to eat. Mustapha is basically the World Controller. He is the king or the God to the citizens. Everyone in the…show more content…
They combine together to make this World State. The Worlds State society is used to isolate an individual from one another. The World State makes them believe that they are one big individual as a whole. Science, religion, and political power are all very important subjects to make the World State one big whole group. Brave New World could happen to our society if we collapse. The behaviors of the citizens appear strange and cruel in the beginning of the book. At the end you finally realize that the society was well organized, planned, and strict. The creators were well aware of what they were doing when they thought of putting a society together than ran off of a strict rule- based system. I would not want a society like this. With no one is being able to have feelings or emotions. Being able to feel emotions of sadness is a part of life. Everyone goes through it. It is a part of life and it would be wrong to take those emotions away. Without science, there would not be the invention of this world society. Religion plays an important role in this story because without the invention of Soma the religion would be the same. With political power there is only a small group of people controlling the world and it would be great that way many people would not change their mind as much as a huge group of people would. Science, religion, and political power play a very important role in the amazing book, Brave New

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