How Does Ioseph Improve Work Behavior

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Ioseph generally complies with routines, schedules, tasks and instructions. He displayed consistent good work behavior during sessions as he readily follows and carries out instructions given by the teachers, he has shown good attention to most of the activities presented and often completes the task on hand. He also has exhibited improvements in sustaining engagement as spontaneity in his work performance consistently observed during sessions. Although, there are still instances that he gets distracted especially when activity or task is done in a different setting or in a new environment (e.g., other classroom) and delivered or presented by new and unfamiliar instructor as well as, when he sees an item of interest or he sees an item that he is fascinated with (e.g., ball, gadgets, animals, numbers and letters). It is also noted that, he consistently displays…show more content…
Also, the teacher would call his name when he showed significant delay in his response and/or when he tends to disengage with the task on hand. The teacher would also acknowledge Ioseph’s positive behaviors through use of verbal praises (e.g., “good sitting and waiting”) to reinforce the likelihood of occurrence good work behavior. On the other hand, the teacher would provide immediate correction for instances of display of inappropriate ones through use of direct instruction of expected behavior like “hands down” and “sit

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