The Edready: How Maths Affects My Daily Life

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Though we may not think about it often we use math in some kinda way everyday. Through the teaching and understanding of math we gain an essential tool that helps us be more critical thinkers when problems arise (Taplin, 1998). In this essay I will tell you my story of how I have come to enjoy this once difficult subject, how the use of math effects my everyday life, and sharing with you my thoughts about the EDready demonstration. My feelings and attitude toward learning math has not always been on the positive side of things. As a young girl in elementary school many subject did not come easy for me, and math was number two on the list. It was not until my middle school years when one day my older cousin was doing her freshman algebra homework. I had sat down to see what she had been working on and asked her to explain it to me, and there it was the light bulb. Thanks to the influence of my older cousin I was able to understand more, I had finally grasped onto math, and from that moment on I have enjoyed math. Now of course I still have moments where I may not fully understand right away, but I quickly catch on. My feeling about learning math vary depending upon the problems, but over all I really enjoy math. I enjoy the simplicity of math. There are no gray areas when…show more content…
My first impression using the site was that it is very clear to understand. I picked my goal, took the assessment, and got my resolute. I would say that EDready is very useful site to help figure out where I am in my math skills. By using EDready I got a clear view on what I need to work on and now have a plan to get to where I want to be. With the many ways math affects my everyday life from my career, to just simply grocery shopping, and with the help of EDready I am more than excited to be continuing learning and understanding math. Math and I may have not started on the right foot of things, but I definitely enjoy math

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