Role Of Digital Diplomacy

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Thus, the technology development is the key factor in the development of economic growth and national security in a country as well as affecting foreign policy decisions. In the globalization era along with the advancement of information, communication and technology as something increasingly unstoppable, each time the result of new technologies keep emerging, refining, appear again, and on and on. Therefore it is also very large role in various fields, one of them is on the field of international communication. As claimed by Drs. T. Rudy May, SH., MIR., M.Sc. defines international communication as the scope of communication across boundaries of countries and regions concerning interactions / relationships where quite extensive and intense…show more content…
He concludes that there are three important role played diplomacy in the information age. First, it raises issues of foreign policy involving the resources and communication using advanced technology. Influence the growth and increase the spread of electronic information tools in the United States indirectly released new policies are then involved in the discussion. In addition, this technology is not directly taking part in changing the geopolitical interests of the United States. Second, changes in the regulation of resources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and agencies related to other foreign policy. Third is the role of diplomacy technology in influencing public opinion. An example of program that emerged along the rise of technology that affects American public diplomacy is program through the Voice of America (VoA) in which a program that managed to achieve success in the context of the development of information as well as ranging from the internet to broadcasting via satellite. Programs that are in line with and disapproval with the direction of the United States foreign policy is, of course, the work and responsibility of a specialized agency assigned to it. Moreover, there are three important things that must be considered in measuring the impact of foreign policy on the development of information technology, namely policies, operations and public…show more content…
Countries such as the United States, Australia and Canada have built the infrastructure ahead of time. United States is the pioneer country where the application of digital diplomacy in foreign policy in 2002, building a task force within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which specifically dealing with eDiplomacy. Since then, the development of opinion to support overseas missions of the United States through the Internet and television took place massively. The negative sentiment of the United States attack on Iraq and Afghanistan in the early 2000s that crushes their image in the world was brief. Negative news and harm can be muted. Via CNN, VOA and the Internet, the United States propaganda preparing structured and neat, until the public world to understand that the US invasion of the region undertaken to combat terrorism, eradicate weapons of mass destruction and nourish

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