Diplomatic Relations In China

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THE OPENING OF DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS BETWEEN CHINA AND THE UNITED STATES UNDER ZHOU ENLAI/MAO ZEDONG AND RICHARD NIXON IR331 Modern Diplomacy Contents Brief Description 2 Summary of Events 3 Modern Diplomacy Terms and their reinforced concepts by the historical record of the events between China and the United States in 1971-1972 5 References: 10 Brief Description This paper will discuss the events of the opening of diplomatic relations between China and the United States under Zhou Enlai/Mao Zedong and Richard Nixon and how modern diplomacy played an enormous role in the mediation and initiation of the diplomatic relations between both states. Furthermore, it will discuss the meaning and value of the terms Globalization, Negotiations,…show more content…
The events and communiques made by the governments of the United States and the People's Republic of China further showed that globalization was an effect that was to be seen. The term globalization was reinforced as both sides saw that bilateral trade as an area of mutual benefit and agreed that this was an area that they would facilitate to developed between the two countries. (Shanghai Communique, 1972). In retrospect it is to be seen that globalization was affected by these events and had its effects on both the US and China. There is no doubt that the interdependence of economic as well as cultural activities have been an outcome of the Nixon-Mao-US-China events. The migration as well as trade opportunities had been untapped and many investments as well as the dissemination of knowledge were an outcome of these events. It is historical evidence that shortly after these events, Chinese economic reform in the 1980 began to expose China to globalization. (Brandt, 2008) China has since achieved an unparalleled degree of openness among large nations. China is thus one of the countries that give support to the claim that globalization helps increase wealth for poor countries. The strong performance of China in the 1980’s changed how globalization was viewed in many countries and increased the GDP and per capita GDP of China as well as the US. China, being developing country, has since emerged as one of the coutries that have profited most from globalization due to small businesses in China that are supported by the local government. The trade barriers that are falling due to globalization have helped small businesses, who have since operated and hired more than 50% of the labor force of China as a

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