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Around six million innocent Jews had their lives snatched away from them during the monstrous time period of the Holocaust. Fortunately, 1,200 of them were saved because of the roles that Itzhak Stern fulfilled in Schindler’s List. In the movie, based on a true story, Steven Spielberg portrayed Stern as the mastermind behind the scenes who paved the way for rescuing the Schindler Jews while the Nazis wreaked havoc around them. Stern was a businessman, a companion, and a savior to many, essential to Oskar and the Jews. Stern was no stranger to the business world and actually had much experience as an overseer and businessman. Near the beginning of the movie, Schindler approaches Stern to hire him as his personal accountant. While working for…show more content…
At the start of their partnership, it was strictly business, Oskar only cared about himself and getting rich, while Itzhak was concerned with helping his people and doing his job. It was clear that Stern did not agree with Schindler’s selfish motives or accept him in a friendly manner because when he was first asked to run Schindler’s business he refused, and whenever Schindler offered him a drink he refused that too, symbolizing that he was not interested in developing a friendship. Furthermore, when Stern was put on the train along with other Jews that were about to be transported to their death, Schindler did rescue him, yet he was more worried about what would have happened to the company, rather than what would have become of Stern. However, throughout this time the two were obviously around each other and had conversation often, causing a shift for the better in their relationship. Itzhak and Oskar’s attitudes toward one another gradually became more companionable as they grew closer and he influenced Oskar to be a more altruistic individual. As a result of Schindler witnessing Stern’s benevolent actions, he was motivated to actively help the Jews as well, sparking the major turning point in their relationship. Once Stern notices this change in Schindler, he begins to accept and respect Schindler on a more…show more content…
After he realized that workers of the factory would be considered essential to the war, he began helping his people and gathering the at risk Jews since he knew they would be safer as workers. He rushed to get fake work certificates made to say that they were skilled laborers and distribute them amongst the Jews that he could find. To be exact, he prolonged the lives of a one armed man, women, the elderly, couples, and even children by thinking fast and carrying out this plan. Itzhak was the one who started it all and was the reason why even more lives were saved when he shaped Oskar into helping the Jews too. Stern’s intentions behind bringing the one armed man to Schindler so he could thank him was to make Schindler think about how the Jews idolized him and thought of him as a hero. This moment was a factor in the change that sparked in Schindler since he had realized what Stern had done for the Jews, as well as when he became aware of the fact that his factory was thought of as a safe haven. By the impacts Stern made on Schindler, he gained the support and help needed to rescue even more lives because Schindler had more money and power to do buy more Jews as workers and keep them safe. In addition to this, Stern also contributed to the notorious list of the names of Jews that were going to be moved to the new factory,

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