Reflection Paper On Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior PERSONAL LEARNIG PAPER ‘’Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’’- Mahatma Gandhi. In this Personal learning paper, I intend to discuss not the content of the course, but what I learnt by attending the classes – both about myself and about the subject. In the very beginning, the subject of Organizational Behaviour seemed to me an attempt to formalize, through theory and jargon, what is commonly known as ‘common sense’. In other point of view the Organizational Behaviour is the understanding, prediction and management of human behavior in organization. In my PGPM course Organizational Behaviour has delivered a lot of value for me. The notion that I will be meeting to manage people…show more content…
I was an electronics engineer ing student but in the campusing I got opportunity to work under the brand name of T.C.S and and join in my job as a software engineer. When I competed my 3month training at Coimbatore I got joining at Bangalore .I spend 7month at Bangalore project and it help me a lot .It helps me to shape my personality and as well as my knowledge in the different field of I.T sector. Then I was transferred into new project at Kolkata which is my home town and and work under a big project with Westbengal Govt. As an employee of my company I had the freedom to think innovatively and make necessary changes to the project I was working in; the main motive behind this is that I believed that change is very essential and leading change helps us gain a potential advantage in the competitive market. I got chance to work under the guidance of highly experienced people. I came across a situation when our company was going through tough time. The situation was so much challenging. Employee efforts were not being recognized enough in monastery terms. The company witnessed high attrition rates and employees were loosing the motivation

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