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Every morning, we are very busy doing activities that eventually drain our energy and dropping all vital functions in our body. It is normal for us to feel tired after a day of heavy work. Sleeping is the least that we can do to revitalize and replenish our energy. The fact that there are a lot of nutrients that are wasted when we are on the move, our body manages to repair damaged cells while we sleeps. Sleep is a very essential routine in our daily schemes. Without it, our body’s normal function will drop out that can result to compromising our health. Lack of sleep can lead to many diseases that are unnoticeable; cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and other illness that is associated with disrupted metabolism, is at higher chance…show more content…
It is normal at night that our body doesn’t need foods that gives energy and calories. But when the urge to sleep passed away, our brain are releasing chemicals to crave for foods and end up overeating with less exercise and can cause gain weight. Hypertension and heart disease- Due to lack of sleep, accumulation of calcium in our blood are starting to build up. We all know that calcium is an essential nutrient for the bones, but in this case, it is distributed on soft cells. When calcium starts to build up in our blood vessel, soft tissues are hardened and causes disruption in blood circulation and irregular heartbeat. Cold and flu- This common disease are caused by weak immune system. Sleep has a big impact in developing strong immune system. In recent studies, people who sleep with less than seven hours every night are three times more prone to common cold and flu. Planning to have a goodnight sleep? If you’re the one of those people who lacks sleep and needs a great sleeping experience, you must build a plan on how to have a long quality sleep. Here are the steps: Be very strict in bed

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