Organizational Behavior Reflection Paper

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"Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Every productive company realizes that one of the most precious assets in the business is the people. "To hire and retain the best qualified people without considering race, color, religion, gender or age" (Boeing, 2006, p. 2) - Today organizations concentrate on continuous personnel development that is necessary to increase the value of its human capital. Organizational behavior is the influences that affect people, decision-making, ethics, empowerment, environmental and social issues and diversity. Being an amateur linguist, I am fascinated by verbose. It helps me to relate to my surroundings and specific circumstances. The Organizational Behavior…show more content…
There were a lot of instances, where I could responsively relate to my life experiences. Below are some to name them: “Big Five” Personality test It is the best test to summarize an individual’s personality traits. It definitely correlates my behavior. I found my personality traits as below: Low negative emotionality -The test concluded that I had low negative emotionality which means that I have qualities like secure, unflappable, rational, unresponsive and guilt free. It was in a way rightly concluded by test. During my teen years, my father had a serious health problem. I have seen him go through several other problems over the years. Also I am staying away from my family since last 8 years. Hence continuous vulnerability made me rather unresponsive to emotional stimuli. Ambivert-The test says that I am ambivert which means that I have balance in terms of my people skills and personal commitment. Qualities like assertive, social, warm, optimistic and talkative up to certain extent, hard to read, independent makes me ambivert. Being the only member of my family who is an Engineer, not joining father’s business and working outside the native place exposes me to many situations of the life. It has to an extent helped me gain above mentioned

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