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Few weeks ago, we had a class with Mr. Paterson about nine circles. We were told to draw only nine circles in a square shape and draw lines through them. First, we started out with connecting the circles with 4 lines and then, we tried connecting the circles with 3, 2, and 1 line. The first try with 4 lines went well. Most of the class got at least one way to connect the circles with 4 lines and some got more than one way. There were three ways in total. Even with 4 lines, this can be a little tricky. We tend to forget that lines can go diagonally and only try connecting the circles with lines going horizontally or vertically. This is the first point where we have to think creatively. The 4 lines can go diagonally since Mr. Paterson did not say we cannot let the lines go diagonally. The second point we keep getting tricked is that the lines do not have to go through the middle of the circles. If the lines were through anywhere on the circle, it is acceptable because again, Mr. Paterson did not say anything about where on the circle the lines have to go through. I personally was tricked by the second point and thought “Ohhhhhhhhh” with everyone else when Mr. Paterson told us about it. We were assuming things that are not even in the rules and…show more content…
Mr. Paterson told us there are about 10 ways to connect the circles. I was surprised that the hardest one has the most ways and the harder it gets, the more we have to think flexibly. What we had to consider this time was that if the circles can touch, then the circles can be on top of each other. Also, there is no rule that we cannot fold or rip the paper with the circles written on. Mr. Paterson also mentioned that the answer we could not get which is the most creative way was easily answered by a small kid. Younger kids have more flexible thoughts than we do since they do not have much beliefs or
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