Gender Roles In Agamemnon And The Oresteia

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Tittle- gender relations of women in Agamemnon and the Oresteia Anthony shillingford This thesis will provide a general overview of women throughout Agamemnon and discuss gender roles throughout the story. I will examine the way in which overall character portrayal is depicted in Aeschylus Agamemnon. I will provide an argument in which the tools he uses depicts his work and shows that women go against the gender roles. Also presenting prevalent work from the Oresteia. “We keep hetaerae for the sake of pleasure, female’s slaves for our daily care and wives to give us legitimate children and to be the guardians of our households. [2] Demosthenes, Apollodorus Against Neaera, III, 122. Introduction This paper will provide a brief overview of Aeschylus Agamemnon, focusing mainly on the roles of women in the play. The emphasis will be placed on Clytemnestra as she dominates the sphere of Agamemnon and use her and the Oresteia to expose the societal role of genders. Book one- gender and sexuality ‘’she was a…show more content…
Acheylus justifies her actions as a hand being dealt wrong by Agamemnon and only seeks to all hindsight Clytemnestra embodies the virtues of Themis the god of justice and seeks to rectify the wrongful wrong that was brought upon her house. Standing from a humanitarian standpoint, Clytemnestra is a woman at heart prideful and emotional and refers to the Greek word thilykós. She has no choice but be the male embodiment of ischýs to avenger her daughter which, her blood was spilled to achieve victory in a war which should have been avoided. We see a mere social complication, there is discontent because of the acts she commits and the identify which she is forced to assume. Clytemnestra “begins to undermine in a male-dominated world her earlier claim to the role autonomous (masculine), heroic avenger, and implicitly to adopt a secondary female

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