Argumentative Essay On Homeless Youth

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that their predicament was a consequence of exposure to various substances. The use of substances such as alcohol and drugs is often triggered by the vulnerability of experiencing stress and bias on a daily basis. Also, it is not uncommon for the youth to be introduced to drugs and alcohol by their relatives at home. The research showed that lesbian and bisexual girls are approximately ten times more likely to engage themselves into using cigarettes while gay men are reported to consume a malignant amount of alcohol. Transgender homeless youth have prominent rates of taking methamphetamine and other illicit drugs. Also, there are issues connected with their identified gender as the vast majority of people do not advocate concerns of transgender youth who are labeled by the prism of their birth sex rather than gender identity, and are often the victims of ostacization: “[P]sychologically harmed children run away from home and the process of running away further harms them… Negative developmental trajectories gain momentum across time.” The issue of ostacization by community may occur even before the event…show more content…
It is said that in many cases people were unable to fulfill expectations and requirements imposed on them, and 12% of homeless young adults claimed that their less than impressive educational achievements ultimately led to their homelessness. It may seem that having educational goals is going to prevent a young person from making irreversible mistakes, however, the pressure put on adolescents, and the fact that they often struggle with their sexuality are both sources of conflict. The data states that approximately 80% of LGBT youth that were involved into any disagreement at school have increased the possibility of

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