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Lessons that I have learned in this Project Management course has essentially opened my mind towards many different perspectives based on my individual learning process on project managers. Most project managers realize the importance of comprehending lessons learned, which benefits the team, organization, and future projects in accomplishing certain goals. For example, documented information will reflect both the positive and negative experiences that the overall project endured, which is an important lesson that I have learned. The project manager role refers to ensuring that transitional tools are effectively implemented, planned, and delivered throughout all stages of the project. I believe that this course has not only taught me but also…show more content…
These terms can be demonstrated by controlling and developing essential resources that also allow for the ability to achieve a desired goal or outcome. It is important that we effectively utilize these resources enhances the maximization of performance and productivity of each team. The Project Manager embodies essential management roles that revolve around uplifting the responsibility of completing tasks and ensuring that throughout the length of the project, it is handled in a timely manner. The ability to take advantage of certain individual’s strengths to further develop the overall company is important as well as subsidizing/developing upon their weaknesses to ensure the project will be completed…show more content…
I have also learned that innovation requires collaboration, creativity, practical implementation, which in the end, helps add value to the project and product. I believe that I have constructed a systemic approach through my personal process that allows me to design strategic measures when beginning a project. Throughout these strategic measures, I have learned how to equally divide assignments and sections to individuals in order to solidify contribution between team members and a time efficient method. This most surprising thing throughout all this is the fact that we all come from different backgrounds and the input received ranges from a variety of sources as we appreciate any and all information. As group members, we all have learned team building techniques that include team interaction and individual roles throughout this quarter. Being a part of a team, we all didn’t want to value setting specific roles for each team member because it may force individuals to step out their comfort zone. The alternative approach we took was for everyone to naturally fit into their won roles through their strengths. I personally think it is important to make sure everyone feels that there are understood and heard, which helps provide equal opportunities in every facet. An important skill that I

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