Importance Of Innovation In Construction

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Several definitions have been proffered for innovation. According to Business dictionary, innovation is the process of translating an idea or invention into good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay. Seaden (2001) on the other hand, identify innovation as the implementation of significantly new processes, products or management approaches in order to increase efficiency of an organization. Dulaimi (2005) define innovation as the generation, development, and implementation of ideas that are new to an organization and that have practical or commercial benefits. Innovation in construction is the creation and adoption of new knowledge to improve the value of products, processes, and services. Considering this fact from…show more content…
There is already frustration amongst components suppliers that their innovations are blocked because construction workers cannot cope with the new technologies that they are making available. This has to change through continuous learning;  Improvements in innovation more can be achieved by cooperation between clients, constructors and suppliers than through competition;  Need to encourage long-term partnering arrangements between clients and providers to secure consistency, continuity, innovation and value for money;  Need to develop knowledge centers through which the whole industry and its clients can gain access to knowledge about good practice , innovations and the performance of companies and…show more content…
First, collaboration is the focus of attention in improving construction innovation. Many researchers have provided insights to knowledge on collaboration in construction innovation through empirical studies. The construction industry is viewed as a complex systems industry. In essence, the construction industry conforms to the characteristics of a complex systems industry. The process of innovation in construction can be understood through the application of construction procurement system. In construction, systems integration and project management capabilities are shared between architect and contractor both at the design stage and at the construction stage. In contrast, a single firm as a prime component has these qualities. The implications of this unexplored area for innovation in construction warrants further

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