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1) Introductory Paragraph 1) I have a topic sentence that introduces my product/policy, the positives and negatives, or explains why I feel strongly about this product/policy 2) I have captured the reader’s interest in my essay by describing a story or scenario of the product/policy being used in the real world. 3) I have a creative transition sentence that introduces the topic of the next paragraph (the positive aspects) Have you ever felt your soccer shoes aren't good enough for you? Are you looking for the perfect shoes? Then you could stop looking and visit a Nike store and buy yourselves some Nike Mercurial Victory V Cr IC. I once had a pair of shoes like These of my personal experience I enjoyed them. Have you ever looked…show more content…
The usual shoes are made for control and to last longer. These shoes were made for speed. They were made out of lighter material, but unlike other shoes that have heavier material. They won't last as long, but they are extraordinary shoes. They were also made for control they have amazing control not the best, but it has amazing control. Another positive thing about this item is who wears this shoe the famous. Cristiano Ronaldo a huge favorite for soccer players around the world. Also these shoes are fast and have control two amazing things to have on a…show more content…
I feel strongly about these shoes because they are suitable for anyone. When I use to have these shoes they were outstanding. I loved these shoes back when I use to use them. I use to have these shoes because once you play with a pair of shoes you make memories, And you remember how amazing they were. I liked this product because unlike other shoes they were lighter. These pair of shoes are also better if you want to play around more than scoring goals. These shoes are better to play around with because they were mad for speed and control. I feel strongly about these shoes because I had memories with these pair of shoes, and you can make your own. 5) Conclusion Paragraph: 1) Put the final reasons you like the

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