Reflection On Communication Skills

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Introduction It is widely known that communication and teamwork are useful and vital skills which are used normally in life. Communication is the skill people used to express, channel and impart the opinions and information to another. Teamwork is the process of working effectively and collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a same objective. I would like to assess the level of myself regarding to these two skills to evaluate how master the technical abilities. Self-Reflection Firstly, in my opinion, communication is a weakness for me. Thinking before respond, judge content, asking and summarizing, listening for opinions, distraction resistance and giving a fear hearing are the important elements in effective listening.…show more content…
Additionally, thinking carefully before responding to the speaker and do comments after the other has finished. On the other hand. I should keep the positive attitude toward teamwork and collaboration then complete the group tasks with the active attitude. Teamwork helps people widen train thought to get more better methods and also develops the communication skills as well as people skill. Each team member contributes opinions and cooperation, everyone will benefit from it. Furthermore, the conflict management could be developed. Based on the data from the self-assessments, I found myself currently avoid the conflicts and compromises. When conflicts occur, I might focus on understanding what the other team member thinks rather than solving the conflicts immediately. Teammates have the opportunities to share opinions to solve the same question and work for the same target, rather than compromising with other people, I need to express and contribute my own opinions. Only in this way, I could explore the collaboration approaches and improve performance for the upcoming tasks.…show more content…
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