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Colombian coffee is often regarded as the highest quality coffee in the world. Its superior geographical and climate conditions make the coffee tasty and gain a high reputation all over the world. Because of so, coffee becomes one of the most proud things among Colombians. In order to respect the coffee culture, cater local customs and avoid taking unnecessary risk during introducing a new culture, we also put coffee in the menu. 3.3 Other products Apart from flowering tea, FAIRY FLOWERS Company also offer a great many desserts (flowers relevant) for customs to enjoy. A part of these desserts are traditional Chinese food, others are combining Chinese and western dietary habit to cater different custom segments. The menu can be adjust at any moment, based on the response and acceptance level of customs.…show more content…
In this part we focus on four elements: resources, culture, economic and legal/political in Colombia and talk about how they affect our business in Colombia as well as the comparison with China. 4.1 Resources • Natural resources Colombia, due to the geographical location, closing to the equator, with a combination of high and sunny plateaus enhance the quality of its natural endowments. By taking this advantage, Colombia is currently the second largest flower producer and exporter in the world, only preceded by the Netherlands. Colombia grows 8,000 hectares (20,000 acres) of flowers and have more than 400 floral growers. (PMA Colombia Floral Market, March 2015) In addition, the flower industry in Colombia is not single, a wide variety of flowers were produced and export to countries around the world. Table 5. Production per type of flower in hectares Type of flower Acreage(ha) Roses 2465 Carnations 1146 Chrysanthemums 716 Hortensia 639 Alstroemeria 306 Others

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