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Olympe de Gouges: Women’s Rights and Freedoms Olympe de Gouges was an advocate for women during the mid to late 1700s. Her feministic views helped spark the idea of women being of equal to their male counterparts. She desperately longed to see women living a successful life full of education and freedom, not dependency upon the men in their lives and adherence to societal norms. She was willing to risk her life by speaking out about a topic that she was passionate about and knew would come with backlash. And while she did in fact lose her life, she helped create a change that would impact the generations of women to come. Most famously, she wrote a piece called the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen. This, along with…show more content…
Her true definition of feminism and her clear determination has helped to change countless generations of women for the better. For example, women now can testify in court and even be a part of the legal systems today. They can make the issues that arise in their life public and reap the benefits of the legal system in a way that would not have been possible previously. They have access to an education that will lead to the betterment of their own lives. Women have the right to own property and be in charge of their own money and they pay taxes with this money. Women receive the same punishment for breaking the law as men would. And most importantly, women have the right to speak freely and make their voices heard. The barriers and double standards that women had to face during the 18th century came crashing down and all that was left was the changing of hearts. That is something that some people need to realize today. Women like Olympe de Gouges were willing to lose their lives to advocate for equality between the two genders. Because of de Gouges, women are equal, there are only prejudices left to be proved…show more content…
She fought for what she was passionate about and was willing, and did, risk it all while doing so. Her most famous work, the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen, fueled change and put emphasis on true and genuine feminism. She desired for women to have an opportunity for greatness and success, through education and freedom. She did not solely want the benefits of being an equal to men in society around her. She wanted to be equal, and that included the same responsibilities that men faced like paying taxes and facing the same criminal punishments. She wanted to be wholly equal, and that included some of the responsibilities like paying taxes and facing the same criminal punishments. She valued the right of freedom of communication and speaking his or her mind as the highest liberty, because without this right, one cannot stand up for things that go against one’s basic

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