Out Of My Mind And R. J. Palacio's Wonder Book Analysis

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Even though it seems like Sharon Draper’s Out of My Mind and R.J. Palacio’s Wonder are extremely different, if you look beneath the surface, you see that the novel’s themes are very similar. This is despite the fact that the main characters have different afflictions, they’re treated very differently, and they aren’t even the same gender. Despite all of that, they both share the theme of not judging a book by its cover. Out of My Mind also has an extra theme, which is that you can do great things, despite your disability. Out of My Mind is about a girl named Melody. She has a photographic memory. This would be perfectly fine if it weren't for one thing. She has cerebral palsy, which leaves her unable to speak. By the time that she's in fifth grade (When…show more content…
Finding examples in Out of My Mind is easy. On page 152, Melody surprised everyone with her perfect score on the test to get on the team: “The only person in the class who got every single question correct is … Melody Brooks.”. But with Wonder, it isn’t as easy. An example is when Auggie gets the medal. Literally, nobody would have thought he would've gotten it. Even Auggie himself thought his friend Charlotte would have gotten it: “I immediately figured Charlotte would get this medal because she organized the coat drive this year, so I kind of zoned out a bit again.”. The example of the other theme in Out of My Mind is on page 223 when the team gets to be on the news and a newspaper: "Where is the winning team?” another reported asked loudly. “We want a team picture for the newspaper! Why don’t you kids stand around Melody? Okay now, smile!” ". Getting in a newspaper is already difficult for a normal kid to do, more or less one with cerebral palsy. This is still very similar to Auggie being awarded the medal theme-wise because that means that Auggie has done great things, despite being harassed and bullied by other

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