Sex Trafficking Persuasive Speech

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Child sex trafficking has become an issue throughout the nation and criminals have targeted Denver as one of their feeding grounds. Innocent children are taken from all parts of the surrounding Denver Metro area and with little hope of ever being seen again by their loved ones. If there was a way to decrease those statistics of our children being taken, would you as parents take the challenge? If you do parents, I challenge you to get involved with your children and your community to make help make this city safer for our youth. With parental guidance, discipline and the correct training the child sex trafficking rate could be reduced! In order for parents to be fully prepared to campaign against child sex trafficking, we as parents must be able to fully understand what this crime is and what the crime entails. Without the knowledge of the crime, many parents do not have the proper knowledge on how to create safety plans for their families.…show more content…
The emotional trauma that you as a parent would experience could not be described. Friends and extended family would feel angered, sad, fearful and vengeful of where your child could be. A child being kidnapped under the circumstances of sex trafficking affects the community. Fear is placed in the eyes of all parents who are within the surrounding area. Living in fear is not living a life at all. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has statistics that 1 in 6 children reported as runaways in 2014 were actually not runaways they were kidnapped as sex trafficking victim. That number is down from the previous year however in 2014 only 97 children were rescued and returned to their families last year. Those children were not only taken in the year of 2014, they were taken from previous years. This is why as parents we need to take the time to strategize and create safety measures to ensure our children do not end up as part of those

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