Reasons To Quit Valley Forge

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In the harsh times of Valley Forge personally in my perspective I would have quit because generally getting typhus is bad for your health. I would not want to go and just know that I would die from a disease and bad conditions even if I was doing it for my country, the only reason that I would stay is if they gave us better clothes, better living conditions, better food, medicines, and other things that would actually help me in the war, in later times when they get better supplies, maybe I might even come back for the war, but for now I will not join back in the war because of the mistreatment of the soldiers. One reason I would not stay is the disease in the living areas, in December 1777 the illnesses estimated at Valley Forge was 12,000 usually that's not good in a war. 12,000 soldiers with disease I definitely was not going to be sick and die just because of all the diseases like Typhus, the percentage of people with disease was nearly 50% I did not want to take that huge chance of getting Typhus or another sickness while in a war that we probably were gonna lose anyway from the way it was looking at the time. So yeah in this situation I definitely would have quit to see my family and not take a chance of getting sick from these diseases in the living areas.…show more content…
In a way even before the disease and harsh conditions I would have already thought about deserting the place and going to see my family, pretty much I would have been a Quaker because by the time of Valley Forge I just wanted to be left alone with my friends and my family. That's another reason why I would have liked to quit at Valley Forge and go home with my

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