Reasons To Quit Valley Forge

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Yes, I would not have quit Valley Forge. Yes, the soldiers had a very rough experience at Valley Forge but I would have quit for a couple of reasons. One you’re already in the war and you’ve fought this long and have made it this close so why quit now? I would quit because people are getting illnesses and they are dying. The food supply is low and you don’t have proper clothing to fight in let alone survive the harsh winter the soldiers were facing. To add to that it was also the week before Christmas. Valley Forge was the winter camp for the Continental Army and the soldiers were not well supplied. This is a major reason I would have quit Valley Forge. Yes, going into battle is never a smooth ride but I would’ve definitely quit under these conditions. Soldiers toes are falling off due to frostbite and their “legs nearly naked from the tattered remains of an only pair of stockings.” (Document C) If I was a soldier in these conditions and fellow soldiers were dropping like flies and Washington came up to me and said would you like to go home? I would have said send me home! Nobody in their years of living should have to live in conditions like these.…show more content…
Doctor Albigence Waldo said himself, “Heartily wish myself at home, my Skin and eyes are almost spoil’d with continual smoke.” (Document C) Dr. Waldo himself explained how badly he wished to be home away from the critical conditions of camp life at Valley Forge. Soldiers had a scarce amount of food they had to feed to so many people at the camp and were barely making it health wise even if they were to have had clothing. Soldiers who even did choose to stay probably didn’t make it long after the soldiers who chose to

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